Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance is maintenance that is regularly performed on a piece of equipment to lessen the likelihood of it failing. Preventative maintenance is performed while the equipment is still working, so that it does not break down unexpectedly.

Preventive maintenance is for smart customers. Smart customers save money-spending a little on preventive maintenance to save a lot. Heating and air conditioning maintenance is as timely as it is for your car. If you don't regularly change your engine oil and replace belts and filters, the engine will fail and the vehicle will be inoperable. You will have imposed an approximate $4,000 loss upon yourself as opposed to only paying $40 for an oil change which is preventive maintenance. On the otherhand, in the HVAC realm, for example, the $125 average for yearly preventive maintenance on your cooling system can save you upwards of $6000 or more and heater maintenance can save your life!

We care about the burden of major heating and air conditioning repair costs of consumers. So we offer potential customers the opportunity to receive regularly scheduled maintenance from us.

Why choose Pleasant Temperatures to tune up your furnace?

We perform the following checklist on your electric or gas furnace:

  • Inspect control air pressure port (if applicable)
  • Check for carbon monoxide (if applicable)
  • Check electrical performance of heat strips (if applicable)
  • Clean motor cabinet
  • Clean burners in-place (if applicable)
  • Check amperage of blower motor
  • Check capacitor for psc motor (if applicable)
  • Check condition of all other electrical components
  • Check electrical connections for tightness in serviceable unit electrical panels
  • Clean or change customer-supplied air filter on return
  • Check burner for proper gas air mixture (if applicable)
  • Check operation of thermostat
  • Check overall operation of unit

Why choose Pleasant Temperatures to tune up your AC unit?

Tune-up by Others
Our Basic
Our High Performance Tune-up Utility Sponsored CoolSaver
Clean condenser coil Sometimes
Measure refrigerant
Check tightness of electrical connections
Check thermostat operation
Check air filter (customer provided)
Clean air filter (if applicable)
Treat drain lines (preventive only)
Clean evaporator coil (must be accessible) Inspect
Clean blower Inspect
Measure and adjust air flow
Measure and adjust refrigerant (sold seperately) after performing improvements
Calculate system pre- and post-efficiency
Availability Once a year Once a year Once a year Once within 3 years per unit

Pleasant Temperatures Heat & Air, LLC. is a participating contractor in the Utility sponsored CoolSaver program.

SAVE BIG by bundling our high performance tune-up with the Utility sponsored CoolSaver program and receive up to $150 instant rebate per AC unit.

    Who Qualifies for Utility Sponsored CoolSaver Program?
    • Must be a residential Entergy Louisiana customer with valid account number
    • Must have a central AC or heat pump at least one year old
    • Has not recieved Utility sponsored CoolSaver tune-up within 3 years