Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to questions usually asked by our customers. You may find the answer to a question you have about our services on this page. If not, contact us today to have your question answered.

Why should I consider upgrading to a higher SEER system?
Because of the Federal Department of Energy (DOE) units installed in 1992 onward were required to have a minimum 10 SEER rating. If your unit was installed before that it is likely 7 or 8 SEER and if you haven't had regular maintenance, even less than that. Studies based on the national average shows that upgrading from 10 SEER to 14 SEER can save homeowners up to 20%. Upgrade to 16 SEER and save on average another 10%. Those who live in places like Louisiana and Florida with the longer cooling seasons and hotter and more humid summers can expect to save a lot more on energy costs.
Why does my unit run so long?
A few possibilities are: lack of maintenance, low refrigerant levels, low SEER rating, undersized.
What brands do you service?
All brands.
What equipment do you install?
We primarily install Lennox equipment. They are high quality products that afford us the opportunity to present competitive pricing. It is also important to note that when reading online reviews on ac units that you are able to discern between customer service complaints or equipment itself. We have found that most complaints originate from an incompetent company installing premium equipment which makes the entire system appear inferior. Thankfully, our customers do not feel that way. Learn more.
How much does an AC installation cost?
We love the Lennox option as the most innovative, reliable and economical package for customers who are most concerned about upfront costs. Lennox is currently leading the industry in innovation and durability. AHRI system match ratings have reached as high as 26 SEER but there is much more. Learn more
Does Pleasant Temperatures Heat & Air LLC provide financing?
Yes. Financing is available with approved credit and we can customize a finance package based on your unique circumstances.
How long would it take your company to replace my entire system?
Generally, the same day.
What type of labor warranty do you offer on new installations?
An automatic one year labor warranty comes with new installations but we can make you an extended warranty offer too.
What type of labor warranty do you offer on repairs?
Generally, a three month labor warranty on repairs unless performed through a third party such as a home warranty company. Under those conditions warranties will be honored under their terms.
What type of manufacturer warranty comes with Bryant equipment?
Carrier offers up to ten years extended warranty on their registered equipment except where otherwise stated.
What type of manufacturer warranty comes with Lennox equipment?
Lennox offers up to 12 years extended warranty on their registered equipment depending on the type unless otherwise stated.
What is the best filter to use on my new AC system?
At the very least please use allergen or dust and pollen pleated filters (looks like an open accordian). Please don't use the cheap, blue, fiberglass filters. If you go cheap now, you will pay more later. We also offer additional air quality services.
Does Pleasant Temperatures Heat & Air LLC offer preventive maintenance agreements?
Yes, with flexible options and incentives. Schedule your appointment now.
How important is getting my air-conditioning (ac) or heat pump unit cleaned during a preventive maintenance check?
Extremely important. A dirty unit decreases the life expectancy of an air-conditioning (ac) or heat pump unit exponentially. It also decreases efficiency and increases your electric bill. We are here to help you save.
Do you provide 24 hour emergency service?
Not yet, but we do work late so just call us.
Why should I replace my window units with a ductless split system or central air-conditioning and heating system?
Chances are your electric bill is costing you more than it should. You just don't realize it until you sit down and speak with a professional. We can help you explore affordable options so you can stop throwing money away and put more money in your pocket right now. Call now or request service via our online platform.
How do I get a free estimate for an air-conditioning (ac) and heating system replacement?
Simply ask us for an estimate on your next service visit.
What areas do you service?
We service a wide range of areas within a 30 mile radius of Baton Rouge, LA.